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How To Keep The Spark Alive With Your Partner

Regardless of whether you’re embarking on a new romance or in a long-term relationship, there’s that same desire to make sure things stay exciting. But to truly keep the romance fresh, you will have to get a little creative and try things that may seem out of the box. These days, you can’t go out and about and hit the town looking for an adventure. However, there are still ways you can keep the spark alive with your partner. Check out these tips on how to inject some much needed excitement into your relationship.

Do All Of Their Errands 

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that count. We all have very busy, stressful lives. It’s perfectly normal to struggle with finding the time to do all those errands that keep piling up. To show your partner that you really care, do a task they have been needing to do for weeks but keep putting off. Pick up groceries, do their laundry, or wash their car. Though it’s not necessarily as extravagant as a bubble bath with a bottle of champagne, seeing your partner go out of their way to make your life easier can be all sorts of romantic.

Make A Scrapbook Of Memories 

The popularity of Instagram and Facebook have made physical photographs a rare treat. There’s something particularly charming about being able to sift through a tangible book of memories and reminiscence without a screen. Make your partner a customized scrapbook of the memories you’ve had together. This book can include an array of mementos such as concert tickets, takeout menus, and polaroids from that scenic hike. If you’re in a relatively new relationship, you can make your partner a scrapbook commemorating their group of friends or family.

Write A Love Letter By Hand 

When was the last time you expressed to your partner why you love them so much? Life comes at you fast. It’s worth pausing to make that special someone feel appreciated. Write your partner a love letter by hand and put it beneath their pillow as a surprise. To get in the old-fashioned spirit, you can get some parchment paper and use a fancy pen.

Wear Some Sexy Underwear 

Lingerie or sexy underwear is a fun way to let your partner know that you want to keep the spark alive. Over time, people in relationships need to make that extra effort to make sex fun and exciting. By revealing you’re wearing erotic undergarments, you can make your partner feel comfortable in their sexuality. However, sometimes there are hurdles to satisfaction. If you have any sexual health concerns that are taking a toll on your confidence in the bedroom such as low libido or erectile dysfunction, check out some treatments that are readily available online. You can get the help you need without having to book a doctor’s appointment in person.

Make Some Alone Time With Your Partner

Unfortunately, it can be tough to balance work with life. If you are ambitious and always hustling, you may forget to reserve some time with your partner. Set a few hours aside to do a special activity. Whether it’s making a self-care spa at home or going on a phone-free hike, your partner will appreciate this opportunity to unwind and relax.

Go On A Staycation Together

We might not be able to travel to a far-off destination. However, you can still book a night at a ritzy hotel together. You can order room service, cuddle, and watch bad TV in bed. Though you won’t be leaving town, you will still be going on a special adventure with the one you love.

Try Out Their Favorite Hobby 

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is learning about what your partner loves. With time, their interests can become your interests. But there are certain things we feel apprehensive about doing regardless of how strong the relationship is. To spice things up, give your partner’s favorite hobby a try. Do they love to cook? Book an at-home baking class. Or, do they love to surf? Rent a surfboard and hit the waves together. Regardless of what it is, your partner will be thrilled to share their enthusiasm with you.

Every relationship is unique. And so, if any of these tips don’t apply to you and your partner, you should feel free to deviate. When trying to keep the spark alive, it’s important to be spontaneous and not feel shackled to any rules or conventions. You know your partner best. So, you will surely find a way to keep things fresh and interesting. Just approach it with an open-mind, ask for feedback from your partner, and go in with a positive attitude. Remind yourself of why you fell in love in the first place and get pumped for making more lasting memories. 

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