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Computer Equipment You Need For Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer, but aren’t completely happy with your current set-up, your equipment might be missing the mark. 

Assuming you’ve already got a gaming PC in place, there are other items that can enhance your gaming experience. This post discusses what those items might be.

A wireless headset 

Whether you’re gaming on a PC or a laptop, a standard pair of headphones isn’t enough. You want to be completely immersed in your game without getting distracted by other noises going on around you. 

The best set-up for this is a set of over-the-head, wireless headphones that are also noise-canceling. Although they can be expensive, they’re definitely worth the investment, and can always double up as headphones for the gym or when walking home. 

Going wireless also reduces the number of wires you’ll have connected to your desktop—so it’ll be much easier to keep the space tidier and untangled.

Headsets often come with a mic, too, which means you can join your friends on multiplayer games and chat away at the same time. 

A gaming-specific mouse 

Unlike a standard computer mouse, a gaming mouse has higher sensitivity—making it easier to aim within your game. More often than not, a gaming mouse will also have additional buttons that make gaming way easier than having to use the arrow keys on the keyboard. 

Like your headset, you should try get a gaming mouse that’s also wireless; again, this will keep the desk space tidy and tangle free. 

Computer glasses

Computer glasses are great for reducing the damage of blue light for those who spend hours in front of a screen. Computer glasses don’t use a prescription or change your sight, they just add a protective, glare-proof layer that can help you enjoy gaming at the best level. 

If you find yourself suffering from headaches, tired eyes, or dryness, it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of these glasses for any time you’re on the PC. 

A comfortable chair 

Let’s face it, nobody is gaming for half an hour and then taking a break. Chances are, you’re going to be sat in the same place for hours on end. That’s why getting a comfortable, and ergonomic chair is so important. The wrong chair could lead to neck and back strain, and cause discomfort that lasts for months. 

A gaming chair should have a high back with both head and arm rests. It should offer support in all the right places as well as looking super cool—just because.


If you truly want to kit out your gaming PC, you might want to look at lighting options. You can either accessorize your computer with strip lights in different colors, or look out for a light-up keyboard and mouse set to tie the whole space together. There’s no real benefit to the lighting, they just look great. 

There is plenty of other gear you can invest in for your gaming set-up—the list is somewhat endless—but the basics of headphones, a gaming mouse and glasses are the perfect pieces for the beginner. 

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