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Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart

If you are facing difficulty to fix your relationship, this is something you should read. Most of the people fail to hold their relationship despite the fact how many efforts they put in to make it strong. Hoping for your partner to be perfect in every single way is the main reason for a relationship to fall apart because this increases the level of expectations up to infinity and when something goes wrong, the mind declines to accept and it results in break up. In case, you have decided that getting divorce is the best option for you and your spouse, then Clear Lake divorce attorney is suitable for you. They provide every facility to their clients regarding the whole divorce process and make it less exhaustible.

Here are top reasons why relationships fall apart:

Lack of trust:

This is one of the main reasons for break up. Whenever this is lowered, the union is surely broken. If you are hearing something odd about your partner, never trust anyone without asking it yourself to your partner. Talk about it and lessen the complications. Trace the rumor, maybe someone wants to destroy your relationship. If you are full of doubt, your relationship has already weakened its roots.


Loyalty is something that is a basic requirement of any relationship. Being loyal to your partner cuts all other suspicions. A major factor that plays an important role in breaking your relationship apart is your partner’s lack of loyalty. It is not difficult for your partner to find comfort in the arms of any other, if you have failed to give that to yourself.


Giving proper time that your relationship requires makes it stronger. Ignoring the time that your partner needs creates emptiness between both of you and gradually your relationships start dying.  The ability to listen to your partner is a major to make your relationship happy and trustworthy. Many relationships fall apart because people take it for granted and do not pay attention at all.

Lack of support:

Support is that ground on which a relationship grows. Adjustment of thinking and respecting each other goals is a key to a healthy relationship. Try to adjust your thoughts with your partner and start supporting each other.


This is something that should be considered. Giving your partner respect is more important than love. Respect her/his thoughts, body and emotion makes your relationship stronger. Keep calm and handle every situation with a cool attitude.


Being in a relationship is very easy but maintaining is difficult. Give your partner that space she/he wants.  Never let her feel that she/he is bound in this relationship. Never compare your partner with anyone because this creates more insecurity between both of you. Most relationships fail because time is spent in pointing out the mistakes instead of enjoying that time together. Holding a relationship is hard but it is not impossible so put your efforts to the fullest in preventing your relationship from falling apart.

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