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A Guide for Dealing With Mental Health Issues In Your Relationship

It’s safe to say that being in a relationship with a narcissist can cause a lot of personal issues, including mental health decline, you may be experiencing. Due to narcissists being able to attack your sense of identity, purpose, and self-esteem, it only naturally follows that mental health issues can arise as a result. 

If you’re struggling with mental health problems due to your experience with a narcissist, then here is a supportive guide in how to deal with anything you’re experiencing. 


The Catch-22 of finding you have depression because of a bad relationship with a narcissist is that this will usually get worse, simply because the narcissist won’t be able to empathize with your low-feelings and your feelings of excessive sadness. Therefore, it’s easy to have your depression spiral because of their reaction to a condition that isn’t your fault. 

With depression, it’s essential to seek support outside of the relationship so that you can get the help you need. You won’t get the right support from the narcissist in your life. The path to healing will include discussing your issues with loved ones, and also seeking professional support from healthcare facilities, as well as taking the right steps to removing the narcissist from your life. 

An Unhealthy Routine 

When you feel broken down by a narcissist with your self-esteem at an all-time low, you’ve likely put healthy eating, exercise, and healthy living on the backburner through no fault of your own. Your lack of motivation may leave you feeling lethargic and also turning to comfort foods to deal with the situation. It may even have exacerbated to more significant mental health problems, such as binge eating. It’s important to remember that you have the power to get back on track and that many professional facilities exist to help with this and to take care of you, like The first step is acknowledging that you’re not happy with your routine or that you need support for your mind, body, and health. 


If you’re constantly berated and made to doubt yourself by a narcissist, it may result in you feeling afraid to do or say anything at all. It may also give you anxiety over simply spending time alone with the narcissist (especially if you live with them). It’s essential to rebuild your self-confidence and sense of identity. Be sure to spend time around people who see your worth, and spend time doing things you love, and which give you a sense of purpose, such as pastimes and social hobbies. Anything which allows you to explore yourself and escape the trap of toxicity in a relationship. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing you are feeling as a result of a narcissist’s behavior is your fault, no matter how much they may try to make you feel that way. In dealing with any mental health issues which may have arisen as a result of your toxic relationship, you need to take the right steps to feel like yourself again, cutting the toxicity out of your life and seeking the love and support you deserve, while leaving the narcissist behind and moving on. 

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