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8 Reasons Tennis Is An Awesome Sport

Many people only associate tennis with the yearly Wimbledon, but have you ever thought about picking up a racket for yourself? The rewards can be endless. Here are ten reasons why tennis is one of the best sports out there.

1: Perfect Workout

Tennis is of course, great for your arm muscles, as you will constantly be swinging them back and forth. It is not more than just hitting a ball; however, there is the running back and forth across the court to be in the right position to hit the ball, which makes it a great cardio workout, too!

2: You’ll Know the Rules Come Wimbledon

Have you ever watched the Wimbledon and wondered what was going on with the scoring system? If you learn to play the sport, you will know exactly what is going on, making watching Wimbledon an even more fun yearly tradition.

3: The Weather Won’t Stop You

Sunshine or thunderstorms, you can play tennis no matter what the skies are saying. On a sunny day, there is nothing better than a good, long game of tennis (with frequent trips to your water bottle), and even when rain persists, you can simply play tennis inside. Nothing will stop you!

4: Gets Out Anger

Do you know how angry people like to throw things? In tennis, you are essentially throwing a racket around, meaning you get anger therapy simply by playing a sport! There’s a reason a massive grunt is associated with hitting a tennis ball – it takes some force to get that ball across the net.

5: You Can Practice Alone

When it comes to many sports, it isn’t easy to build your skill without a team around you. Tennis is different – you can practice just as easy with just yourself and a brick wall. Brilliant!

6: It Could Open Up Opportunities

If you’ve never really played tennis before, how do you know you’re not incredible? You might have a hidden talent! If so, you will be given a chance to become competitive within the sport, which could be lots of fun. As well, if you’re in high school, there are plenty of opportunities for tennis scholarships. All you need to do is join a team!

7: There is No Age Limit

Tennis is a sport for everyone. Whether you simply want to enjoy watching it while sipping on a summer drink, or you want to be sweating it out on the court – it doesn’t matter how old you are. Many players carry on playing tennis into their old age, meaning it won’t be a sport you’d have to give up anytime soon.

8: The Incredible Fashion

OK, so fashion isn’t the most important part of the sport. However, the great fashion that comes from tennis is hard to miss! Tennis not only gives you a great workout with great people, but it also allows you to wear some of the coolest clothes. That’s an ace!

As you can see, taking up tennis as a sport is an excellent choice. So, pick up that racket, put on a cap, and take yourself down to the court – you won’t regret it!

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