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How To Host A Celebration Without Breaking The Bank

There are certain life events that should be marked with a celebratory event shared with your family and friends; for instance, birthdays, engagements, and job promotions. However, with catering, entertainment, and decorations to consider, the cost of hosting an event can soon add up. To help you to keep on budget, here is how you can host a celebration without breaking the bank.

Hold your event at home

From French chateaus to secret bunkers, it can sometimes seem, when scrolling through Instagram, that many people host their events in ever-more fantastical locations. However, the cost of hiring venues is often huge – even if you are looking at hiring a room in a local restaurant rather than a local mansion. An easy way to cut venue costs is to hold your event at your own home. Doing this will also eliminate the need to hire additional equipment like cutlery and glasses, and will give your party an intimate feel.

Get creative with food

Most events involve at least some form of food, whether that is a full buffet lunch or a bowl of peanuts. However, bringing in outside caterers can be costly. As an alternative, you could cook the food yourself, or ask guests to bring a bowl of their favorite snack in a pot luck situation. If you are not confident in your culinary abilities, or you would rather spend the day of your event relaxing and getting ready rather than sweating over the stove, seek out good quality budget catering options. A Tiff’s Treats coupon, for instance, will provide your event with money off a cookie delivery – and who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies?

Make your own entertainment

Whether you are hiring a DJ, a band, or a magician, providing entertainment for your celebration is another huge expense. However, it’s cheaper – and sometimes more fun – to come up with your own entertainment. If you’re planning on having a disco, a set of speakers and a Spotify playlist is all you need, and you have the added benefit of being able to tailor your playlist to exactly you and your guests’ favorite tunes. If you would like a live performance at your event, you could ask friends if they have a family member with a particular talent who is trying to build their experience and would be willing to perform at your event for a lower price. You might discover something completely unique and unexpected along the way!

Do your own cleaning

The worst part of any party is the cleaning up afterward. You are often tired and deflated now that the fun is over, and things have a tendency to get slightly messy at parties. Though you might be tempted to bring in professional cleaners and avoid this job, it is another expense that you can easily cut. Keep bin bags and cleaning products on hand to help make the job that bit easier.

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