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Easier Than You Think: A Guide to Boosting Your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization – the act of optimizing a website so that it appears higher up search engine results pages – can be a daunting prospect for those unfamiliar with the practice or those new to owning and running a website.

However, SEO is easier than you think. Through some simple best practices, the help of some experts and the knowledge of what not to do, your website’s SEO ranking will begin to improve and pay dividends in the form of increased traffic and, if it is an online store, more sales.

The importance of SEO

The global market share of search engines in 2019 saw Google come out on top, with around 92% of all visitors to search engines using the US-based company to find what they need on the Internet. Knowing how to optimize your website in order to be more easily found on Google, then, is incredibly important in increasing the number of people who visit your online property.

Having a poor SEO ranking can cause your website to drop lower and lower down search results pages, meaning it is unlikely browsers will click onto your website via Google or any other search engine. To prevent this, you must not ignore optimization and just assume that your website will be found because it looks nice and the content is interesting. Best practices should be implemented because search engine optimization never stops.

Do not ignore optimization

Too many companies ignore SEO. To do so is to miss out on huge numbers of potential customers and to fall behind rivals who are committing time and money to the practice.

Businesses should have an SEO strategy from the beginning, with a separate SEO budget set aside, and it should be constantly reviewed. SEO needs to be analyzed – using Google Analytics, for example – and strategies should be assessed regularly so that any failing campaigns can be stopped and changed as soon as possible.

Best practices

Simply put, the easiest way to achieve fantastic SEO is to use experts such as Click Intelligence, which can manage blogger outreach and link building in order to boost your profile. Consulting professionals will help you do the basics right: generating constant new and original content, having an easily navigable website with plenty of internal links, using keywords, registering your company with Google and laying out text on your pages under manageable and readable sub-headings.

What not to do

There are a number of ways in which you can neglect SEO or get SEO wrong. Primarily, those who do nothing about SEO – never uploading new content or refreshing their website, or failing to include contact details, for example – are greatly damaging their potential.

Then, there are businesses that try to implement good SEO but get it wrong. Often, the content they upload is all the same length – blog and web page content length should vary – and it is uploaded randomly, rather than regularly.

In a nutshell

While search engine algorithms may seem complex, implementing an SEO strategy is simply about what to do and what not to do. Stripped to a most basic level of advice: professionals should be consulted, and optimization should never be ignored or neglected.

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