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Tips To Managing Customers In Digitized World Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Nearly 80% of the consumers prioritize engaging with businesses that offer exceptional customer service. Gone are the days when organizations focused only on their products. Living in a technology-driven era, businesses are more about customers and it is their satisfaction that sketches the success graph of the organization.

Irrespective of whether you are a small scale start-up or a corporate enterprise, a business owner, or a well-established organization, abiding by customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. And the best way to manage customers online is by adhering to their needs and providing them with flawless services.

While your business must be doing all to get the expected customer reach, increase sales, and drive revenue, the customer journey is not limited to the sales process. Regardless of the same being either a product or a service, you need to be on toes and manage customers online, even after the engagement ends.

This is where the concept of a Virtual phone number comes in.

Existing independently, virtual phone numbers are the ones that are different from the traditional numbers and are not linked through any telephone line. Instead, a virtual phone number renders a single gateway and connects several inbound lines.

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How Does Virtual Phone Number Help Manage Your Customers?

Wondering how can you achieve customer satisfaction with a virtual phone number?

Are you aware of the benefits offered by a virtual phone number?

Before we see how a virtual phone can number help manage your customers, let’s walk down the benefits of a virtual phone number.

Automated Response

The first and most interesting benefit of a virtual phone number is the IVR facility. An IVR is an interactive voice response that is pre-recorded and gives your customers the ease to select from a range of service options.

For instance, suppose that you are a virtual phone numbers service provider. An IVR added to the lines with guide your customers on how to proceed with the conversation. It can have multiple choices as

a)  Existing customers
b)  New customer
c)  New complaint
d)  Technical issues

And there could be more depending upon your business type. What this does is saves the customer time as the IVR facility would make sure the call is connected to the right customer service. The main focus of an IVR facility is to route the call to the right department, enhancing end to end customer experience.

Call Recording

Not sure whether the interaction with the customer was 100% effective? Or wondering if the executive failed to offer the utmost experience? The call recording feature of a virtual phone number allows you to record the conversation between the customer and the representative. This recorded audio is then heard again to outline the pain points of the customer.

Alongside this, it gives significant insights on customer expectations and preferences which further enables targeting the customer in a much more effective manner. When you offer customers what they are looking for, the overall engagement improves leading to improved customer experience.

Call Forwarding

Imagine that a customer is calling at your desk but the number is busy or says the representative is not present at the desk. At this point in time, the customer might feel frustrated and quit engaging with your organization further. This is not just fatal from the customer point of view but also from the viewpoint of the business.

Customers seek fast-paced responses and waiting for long isn’t something that they would like to do. Investing in a virtual phone number for your business allows you to integrate features such as call forwarding. With this, you can effectively reroute calls to other executives when a number is busy or there isn’t anyone to answer the call.

This way you not just move one step ahead in terms of customer service but also proves that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Call Tracking

Imagine that you have been getting a lot of customer calls from a particular region. With the traditional phone number, tracking the location would never have been possible, right?

With the virtual phone numbers, you can easily access the location of the customer and host marketing campaigns to attract the attention of customers from a particular region. This helps offer personalized services to your customers and keep track of their preferences, investing in the right customer at the right time.


Managing your customers is a tough task to do. When targeting audiences on a wider scale, you need to take care of different tastes and customer sentiments. Also, the time zone of each customer might be different, and staying up to date with each of them would not be easy. This is where having a virtual phone number helps. Apart from the features mentioned above, they also help you integrate CRM and other third-party tools within the system to store and track your customer information on the go. So the next time you wonder how to have all your customer information under a single head, consider a virtual phone number.


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