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11 Awesome Farm Animal Sanctuaries You May Never Have Heard Of

Farm sanctuaries offer a safe haven for farm animals of all types, pigs, turkeys, chickens, cows and even exotic animals and rescued wildlife. If you’re interested in helping animals, learn more about farm sanctuaries and what you can do to promote their cause.

What is an Animal Farm Sanctuary?

An animal farm sanctuary is a non-profit organization that houses farm animals who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. Every sanctuary is a little different. Some focus on horses or cows, while one in Florida started to give pot-bellied pigs a home. Jane Goodall said, ““Farm animals are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined, and despite having been bred as domestic slaves, they are individual beings in their own right.” These animal sanctuaries are promoting compassion toward farm animals.

Awesome Animal Farm Sanctuaries You Haven’t Heard Of

Most farm sanctuaries are fairly well-known in their own community. Many more do good work and never get much recognition outside of their towns. These farm sanctuaries have been rescuing animals for years and have good programs set up to promote compassion and care for farm animals. They always need donations and volunteers.

Animal Place, Grass Valley, California

This animal sanctuary that is about a 1.5- hour drive from Sacramento in Northern California has been giving animals a home since 1989 when they took in Zelda, a rescued pig. It started with just 60 acres, and today it has two locations with over 600 acres of space for over 400 “nonhuman residents.” It is quite a menagerie, with cows, sheep, goats, pigs, turkeys, bunnies and donkeys. Animal Place is one of the largest and the oldest sanctuaries in the United States.

Sunrise Sanctuary, Marysville, Ohio

Sunrise Sanctuary started in 2001 as a way to give farm animals protection against abuse and neglect. The executive director has always had a heart to let animals live their best life, roaming free, basking in the sun, cuddling in the straw and sleeping as much as they want. Open barn days and special events allow visitors to come in and interact with cows, llamas, sheep, goats, and chickens. Check their calendar for dates.

Maple Farm Sanctuary, Mendon, Massachusetts

Maple Farm Sanctuary was a third-generation farm operation until it was transformed into the animal sanctuary. Today, it’s home to over 100 animals, including birds, pigs, goats and llamas. The owners live a vegan lifestyle and let the animals roam free to live happily.

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, Melrose, Florida

Rooterville, a top provider of pig rescue in Florida, has been a sanctuary for abandoned pot-bellied pigs since 2004. Today, it has over 400 farm animals who call it home. The driving force behind Rooterville is compassion. When you visit the farm, you can feed the animals and interact with them in a farm setting. You can even bring in your own healthy snacks, such as romaine lettuce, popcorn or bananas to give to the animals. Make sure to bring your camera for photo ops with your favorites.

Heartland Farm Sanctuary, Madison, Wisconsin

Heartland has a unique philosophy in that it not only rescues farm animals, but it also builds connections between animals and vulnerable children. Licensed counselors use the animals as part of therapy, to help traumatized and at-risk youth the opportunity to heal at the sanctuary through companionship with the rescued animals. With 14 acres, the 80+ animals are free to roam and enjoy life while giving back.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Saugerties, New York

This 150-acre sanctuary has rescued over 5,000 farm animals since 2001. Today, it has over 300 animal residents, chickens, horses, cows and more. It features many events through the year where you can enjoy the animals on the farm and learn more about the vegan lifestyle. Their mission is compassion, and the team doesn’t only provide farm animals a home, they teach compassionate cuisine. If you want to learn about vegan cooking, it’s a great place to visit.

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, Littleton, Colorado

Zuma’s Rescue began rescuing horses in 2004 and has saved hundreds of horses through the years. Homeless animals are taken in, rehabilitated to work with humans. The ranch provides animal assisted therapy to vulnerable humans to aid in healing from trauma or abuse. It’s a great place to support. Check out their event page to find ways to visit and volunteer.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Scio, Oregon

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary is home to almost 300 nonhuman residents who all cohabitate peacefully. Currently, they have almost 75 pigs who need forever homes. At one time, they had 200. The facility hosts many events that promote compassionate living and humane existence. They’ve partnered with the Shelter Animal Reiki Association to promote healing and trust of rescued farm animals.

Ching Sanctuary, Herriman, Utah

Interact with horses, cows, sheep and goats at the farm at one of their special events that promote compassion and care for animals from the farm. Since 1998, it has rescued farm animals from neglect and abuse to give them a home where they can run free and sleep all day if that’s what they want to do. Follow the sanctuary on Facebook to enjoy great pictures of the residents.

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, Leesville, South Carolina

Cotton Branch rescues farm animals of all sizes, from chickens to cows, and every kind of farm animal in between. They’ve had emus, hogs, mules and goats that had nowhere to go when they were rescued. They host special events and open the farm to visitors who can interact with the animals and learn more about the vegan lifestyle. You can adopt animals or sponsor one at the sanctuary to feel as if you’re making a difference.

Make Plans to Visit a Farm Sanctuary

Visiting a farm sanctuary is an experience like no other. Interacting with rehabilitated animals can be very calming and relaxing. You’ll learn about why sanctuaries are so important to the community. Schedule a tour of Rooterville today to explore the 30 acres in Melrose, Florida where rescued farm animals can live out their life in safety and comfort.

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