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Ways To Improve Your Employment Prospects

The world of employment has never been more unpredictable and insecure than it is today, and most job experts agree that we are currently living through a time of almost unprecedented change. From the streamlining of firms caused by the financial implications of the recent Coronavirus to the ongoing digitization of business, long-term career prospects have never been more uncertain.

A fourth industrial revolution

Many industry researchers suggest the world may presently be in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution – so-called Industry 4.0 – a time when machines come to play an increasingly important role in the workplace and may even render many roles redundant. Certainly, one thing is for sure – competition is now fiercer than ever for work, making it even more essential that job seekers do everything they possibly can to make themselves more attractive to prospective employers.

Get ahead and stay ahead in the employment market

While there are no 100% ways to guarantee finding and keeping work in the future, there are some things you can do that will vastly increase your chances of employment security. Below are just a few tips recommended by those in the know that will make you more employable and more likely to stay in work moving forward.

Get on the books of recruitment companies: Whether you’re actively seeking employment or are already working, there’s no harm in signing up to recruitment agencies and making sure they have your details on record. These days most recruitment firms operate extensive client databases, so registering isn’t the chore it used to be – indeed, in most cases, you can sign up online in less than an hour. Making sure jobs agencies have your details on file will save you having to register should the worst happen – plus will also put you front and center in front of employers that might be looking for someone just like you.

Learn a new skill or earn a qualification: There’s little doubting the world is changing fast, and most recruitment firms suggest the more multi-skilled an applicant can be, the more likely they’ll be to get hired. Having a wide skills base will make you far more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer. Also, don’t just concentrate on expanding your current skills – instead, think about developing abilities that are likely to be in demand in the future. For example, cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing IT sectors that is currently being used across pretty much all markets – everything from accountants to retailers. Consequently, gaining a qualification like the azure certification or similar cloud knowledge will give you an upper hand and make you considerably more attractive in the eyes of employers. 

Think about branching sideways: In the future, it’s likely many job roles will come and go so, if you believe your current career path might be under threat, try to think of the skills you’ve developed and how they might be applicable in another job. For example, if you’ve amassed considerable knowledge in your current job, you might be able to move sideways into an advisory role – or even find work as a technical writer.

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