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How To Get Into Shipping: A Beginner’s Guide

The world is heavily reliant upon shipping. The global system of trade that delivers goods to our homes that were manufactured in Bangladesh and sourced in China is thanks to an extensive system of vehicles, ships, and planes that help get products from place to place. And this is a growing market, especially given the shortage of truckers and the supply chain issues the world is experiencing at present. So, if you’re interested in getting into the shipping business – either as an entrepreneur or a driver – here’s all you need to know.


Even if you have ambitions for setting up your own shipping business in the future, it pays to have a little experience in driving and delivering before you turn your hand to management. And if you’re just looking for flexible work that you can pick up on your own schedule, delivery deriving could be the perfect way to earn cash which retains some personal freedom that you miss out on when you work 9-5 in an office.

Setting up as a delivery driver is simple. Websites such as Shiply host delivery driver jobs that you can accept or negotiate for and those that you win will give you instructions on what needs to be sent where. With delivery driver jobs being uploaded every minute, these websites are the perfect places to build experience in shipping.

Fleet Building

Let’s say you’ve done your time in trucks and vans, and you’re now excited to build a fleet of your own. That’s the first step towards becoming a large shipping company. You needn’t set huge and ambitious goals for your fleet, seeing as you’re going to learn along the way about dispatch times, optimal route-planning, and other facets of this intriguing industry.

So your fleet could be a local fleet responsible for local deliveries, or you could confine the work you do to the state that you’re based within. The key task when you’re building a fleet is to bring on drivers who will be loyal to you, and to do this, it’s worth offering lucrative rates to your drivers. That way, they’ll stick by your side as you organize their work for them, scraping some profits off for yourself.

Shipping Company

Now that you’ve built up a fleet, with loyal drivers and contact sin many local retail institutions, you may be able to turn your mind to penetrating the wider shipping market. This will likely involve the use of larger trucks transporting more goods from place to place, which is often regarded as more lucrative work than last-mile courier services.

But pivoting from local deliveries to cross-country trucking takes time, patience, and a good deal of planning. You want to maintain your reputation as an excellent shipping firm, and that means being trusted by your customers and clients at all times. So always aim to exceed expectations and get your deliveries made on time. That way, you’ll begin attracting more and more business to your fledgling firm.

There you have it: three stages that anyone interested in deliveries can go through in order to understand the world of shipping and start their own haulage firm.

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