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Four Security Solutions For Your Business

No business is safe from cyber criminals. From a small sole trader to a multi-national corporation, every business can be quickly sent into disarray if it has suffered a successful cyber attack. The question is, then, what can you do to prevent such calamities from befalling your organization? To provide you with rigorous protection and peace of mind, here are four security solutions for your business.

  • Perimeter security 

There are many cyber criminals lurking online and looking for the opportunity to target an unsuspecting, unprotected network. Perimeter security provides a barrier between the internet and your network, and includes solutions such as spam protection and firewalls. Spam protection solutions work by flagging possible phishing emails and blocking potentially harmful ads, and some even check URL destinations to ensure that you are not unknowingly entering a harmful site. Firewalls monitor outgoing and incoming traffic to decide what can and cannot enter your network, helping to protect your network against Trojans and other malware. They can also be used as an internal security feature, preventing employees from distributing confidential data beyond the business’s network.

  • Internet security

An internet security system will help to protect individual devices such as laptops, desktop computers, and iPads from any malware that has managed to bypass your perimeter security and infiltrate your network. The most important internet security solution you can have is to ensure that all devices have been fitted with rigorous anti-virus software, and making sure that an annual anti-virus subscription does not run out. You can find anti-virus software packages for different sizes of businesses, covering a number of devices. Another method of ensuring internet security is to regularly update your software. Though it is tempting to skip time consuming updates – especially when you have a busy workload – software updates ensure that your device works at its optimum ability to prevent attacks.

  • Invest in a security device for your business

Buying individual security solutions for your business can quickly become expensive, and running different pieces of software can sometimes cause your network to become slow and inefficient. You could therefore look for a security device that provides both perimeter and internet security. A Watchguard m270, for instance, is specifically engineered to defend small businesses against cyber attacks whilst maintaining top performance, all for a reasonable price.

  • Human security 

Not all human security threats appear in the form of sinister master hackers and scam artists. In fact, it has been found that around 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. Such errors include having weak passwords that are easy to hack, sending confidential data to the wrong recipient, and connecting to unsecured networks without a VPN.

To ramp up the human security within your business, provide all employees with comprehensive training in which, amongst other things, they learn how to identify a scam email and different types of malware, and establish a strong password policy in your business.

Taking these four steps will help you future-proof your business.

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