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A Guide To Using AI Analytics In Your Business

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a piece of modern technology that has been used to enhance multiple sectors of everyday life, such as improving our forms of entertainment as well as increasing the potential of businesses. AI has also been effective in areas such as customer service, where it has been implemented to create sophisticated chatbots that provide information to customers in a clever and nuanced way.

The full potential of AI is yet to be fully realized, but strides have been made in this medium and it’s set to be an essential component in many areas of business – most critically in HR and Analytics. Here is a complete beginner’s guide to using AI analytics within your business.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may sound like something from science fiction, but it is in fact a real piece of technology that can be described as the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines. It is most typically used in computer systems to help the machine mimic natural human cognition, allowing it to perform more natural tasks. AI gives machines the ability to learn, plan, develop and respond to information in a sophisticated way by using what it has learned or sensed to inform its decisions.

AI has many different applications; however, the main purpose is to make certain tasks more efficient and easier to perform. It’s becoming a powerhouse for e-commerce businesses, as the technology can tag, organize and visually search for content based on labels on an image or video. This means that AI gives both shoppers and store owners the ability to search for stock based on color, shape and even brand, massively streamlining the process.

AI also helps with communication within the workplace, as a thing known as AI personalization can empower each individual employee, providing a virtual assistant that can aid in mundane and repetitive tasks and even rank tasks by learning their order of priority.

AI in HR Analytics

Artificial intelligence is set to completely innovate the way HR and recruitment operates for many businesses, as it gives so many options to streamline the work flow. AI can help automate aspects of HR, giving workers more time and freedom to tackle other tasks. It can also reduce the need for manual screening, paperwork and data entry.

However, AI is most effective in HR when it comes to analytics and reports. This is because AI can quickly learn the metrics that are most important to business owners, meaning that personalized executive dashboards can be created to help keep them informed on employee progress. AI can help with core HR analytical tasks, such as giving you strategic recommendations backed by data and use predictive analytics to forecast talent requirements. This makes generating reports super quick and easy, too.

There is plenty of HR software out there using AI to provide the most robust service, fundamentally improving how the department operates. AI is changing how analytics is done within HR for the better, allowing businesses to track their output as well as their employees in more sophisticated and clever ways, providing information that can be used to make key decisions to boost profit.

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