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6 Unusual Pets You Can Keep In Your Apartment

When it comes to pets and how much maintenance they require on a daily basis, few animals are more demanding than cats and dogs. This is mostly because they need a lot of attention and time to keep them happy. Sure, all the memes and jokes about cats not giving a crap about humans are funny, but, as many pet owners will tell you, they’re far from accurate.

Most house pets, dogs, in particular, don’t exactly thrive in small spaces, which is why so many people living in apartment complexes choose not to take them in. If you live in a small apartment and want a pet to keep you company, you’d be much better off opting for some more low-maintenance, exotic pets that are easy to care for and won’t turn your home into a warzone.

One of the toughest things about caring for an animal is doing all the work required to keep them happy and in the right frame of mind — both animal care experts from and regular pet owners will attest to that. When you opt for a smaller, more exotic animal, your workload will get significantly reduced.

If you’re thinking about getting a small, unique pet for your apartment, continue reading to learn about the coolest, most low-maintenance options for you!

Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig is about as close to a fully-sized pet as you can get without worrying about having to put too much effort into caring for them. They’re also a great starter pet to teach responsibility if you have kids. One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that guinea pigs are extremely social animals, which means that you’ll be much better off getting two of them at once. They may not look like it behind all the fluffiness and cute expression, but they’re very susceptible to loneliness-induced depression.

Hermit Crabs

As long as you’re not too big on cuddling and playing around with your pets, moving a hermit crab into your apartment might be the best option for you. Aside from feeding and cleaning the terrarium, these exotic crustaceans won’t demand much attention from you. You can also pick them up and handle them, but make sure to do so carefully! They won’t hesitate to pinch you when they’re stressed out. When preparing a shack for your crab to live in, be sure to pick out a large tank with enough hiding places to simulate a natural environment.

Sugar Gliders

It’s nearly impossible to find a cooler animal than a sugar glider. These adorable descendants of kangaroos also carry their young around in pouches, but that isn’t even the most novel thing about them! Their unique bodies allow them to glide through the air, turning them into a living wingsuit when they’re flying. This is one of the reasons why you should keep them in a large cage so that they have enough space to fly around in. Sugar gliders are most active at night, which is another thing you should keep in mind when considering getting one for yourself.

Bearded Dragon

Aside from an insanely cool name, bearded dragons have a lot of other amazing qualities. Visually, they look like something between a miniature alligator and a regular lizard. They’re some of the best pets to get if you’re a busy person on the lookout for an animal companion that’s easy to care for and fun to look at. The most time you’ll spend on your dragon is when setting up its terrarium. From then on, you can pretty much leave him be (don’t forget about the feeding part, though!).


Reptiles have dominated this list, and not without a good reason. They’re the best group of animals to keep in small apartments for rent in Round Rock, TX due to their relative resilience and ability to get by on their own for long periods of time. The biggest problem with geckos is that they need live food to sustain themselves, which may sometimes be a pain, especially if you accidentally drop the container!


Many people are frightened of them, but snakes can also capture the imagination of many of us. If you belong to the latter group, there is no better low-maintenance pet for you to get than a snake. Keep it in an aquarium-like tank and fill it up with stuff to climb on, and your reptile will be as happy as it can be! Even though you won’t have to, you’ll probably still find yourself spending a lot of time with your serpent, watching it slither all over you with awe and fascination.

Final Thoughts

Owning pets should not be restricted to people living in large houses with a lot of garden space for the animals to run around in. There are plenty of options for those living in small areas, and they’re not limited to pets listed above. If you’re scared or disgusted of reptiles or aren’t particularly into regular cage cleaning, you can still find something for yourself. If online research doesn’t return any results, try visiting your local pet store for more personalized advice.

Maciej Grzymkowski – an avid traveler and a puppy lover. I strongly oppose the treatment of animals by big industry and believe in the importance of supporting locally-sourced meat and dairy products.

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