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Woman With Receipt Owns Wal-Mart Employee Accusing Her Of Stealing

The video below is quickly going viral after a Wal-Mart employee accuses a paying customer of stealing.

Kenny Swanson-Peck, a loss-prevention associate dressed like another shopper, believes 45-year-old Gina Lescarbeau has not paid for a toy lion in her cart. He says she couldn’t have paid for it because the toy costs $15 but there are no $15 items on her receipt.

Kenny takes Gina into his office where he rummages through her purse to make sure she’s not hiding anything. By now, Gina is fuming with rage.

The shopper is insulted and starts recording her interaction with the employee. He looks up the price of the item online and says it’s still $15. Gina challenges him to ring it up. “Do think I have some magic way to ring it up as $7?” she asks.

Meanwhile Kenny’s co-worker Thomas Ewalt checks the receipt and finds the lion listed for $7. Some viewers of the video noticed a bright yellow sticker on the corner of the box, which they believe may be marking the lion as a clearance or damage-discount item.

With no proof of a crime, the employee concedes and lets her go. She tosses a few unkind words his way, which results in a truly wonderful exchange:

WAL-MART: “Keep cussing at me see what it’s going to get you”
SHOPPER: “Oooooh am I gonna to go to cussin’ jail?”
WAL-MART: *mumbles*
SHOPPER: “F*** you.”

Watch the full video below. WARNING: Foul language.

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