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Woman Says She ‘Started Crying’ When A Cop Approached Her And Did This

A woman’s Facebook post has recently gone viral, after her vehicle broke down while driving across state lines. After breaking down, a police officer approached her, but the conversation that followed was not what she expected.

Read her post below.

Molly Nemec

Just 6 weeks ago, five precious pups and their mama were crammed in rusty cages in a dirty dog meat farm with an alcoholic farmer/butcher in South Korea. A caring neighbor, Moo, wanted to stop this butcher for months. She turned to Nami Kim for help. Together, these two compassionate and determined women were able to save these dogs from torture & slaughter.

People generously donated to help pay their transport costs and Nami graciously let me name them after all things Minnesota!

Even though Melissa Samonides Dolan and I carefully planned their transport from South Korea to Chicago to the Twin Cities, our plans went awry today.

Brad and I were driving through Stillwater, MN when our vehicle overheated before we were even able to cross over into Wisconsin.

We couldn’t find a rental van anywhere, as it was the 4th of July weekend.

Two police officers pulled up to where our vehicle was now parked and saw that we were stranded and scrambling to figure things out.

They saw the empty kennels, dog bowls and such as they stepped out to talk with us. They learned of our mission to meet halfway in Wisconsin to pick up 6 very special critters. We talked to them about the dog & cat meat trade and how these dogs will now make 103 Korea dogs to Minnesota.

Then one of the kind-hearted officers said: “I will let you use my Suburban to drive down to get these dogs.” I asked him to repeat himself and he did. I started crying. I could not believe the kindness and generosity of this police officer who had never met us before! Sure enough, within 8 minutes he was back with his Suburban and helped us pack it up in no time so we could take off and meet Joe & Melissa! Brad and I left in disbelief as to what happened! The act of kindness was just too much to comprehend. Incredible!

Thankfully, in the evening we got the dogs back to Stillwater where all the fabulous fosters were set to meet us. To make the night even better, the police officer joined us since his shift was over and was able to see this transport come full circle and meet these precious pups!

What an amazing day. It’s 2:30 am and I still cannot believe how today turned out after all.

Thank you, Officer Brad Junker of the Stillwater, Minnesota Police Department. You are a HERO!

Welcome the 6 newest American Citizens on this 4th of July weekend: Maple, Monarch, Lilac, Laker, River, and Honeycrisp! We wish you love & FREEDOM. Paws on the ground, babies!


Thanks to the kindness of a local police officer, 5 dogs were able to find good, loving homes.

“What a beautiful story,” commented one Facebook user, “the kindness and compassion of Officer Junker to help complete strangers is like a miracle.”

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