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Watch: Will Ferrell Serenade Graduates With ‘I Will Always Love You’

We will always love you too, Will.

Will Ferrell is an accomplished actor, can make people pee their pants with laughter, and we have now learned that he can also do a pretty impressive a capella version of “I Will Always Love You.”

After a touching commencement speech, Ferrell serenaded the graduating class at the University of Southern California on Friday, maybe in an attempt to ease the pain of their newfound debt. Either way, it was a beautiful moment for everyone involved.

Yes, it appears the version of this song is the one popularized by Whitney Houston, but Dolly Parton wrote this damn song and Dolly deserves the credit.

Here’s Ferrell’s speech in full, just in case you need some motivation in your life.

h/t Mashable

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