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US Border Patrol Agents Found A Catapult Attached To A Border Fence

Necessity is the mother of invention. Now it might sound like a hackneyed phrase that might not mean much to you, but it’s 100% entirely true. It’s actually crazy just how true it is. Whenever your back is to the wall and you’ve go to get something done, your mind gets super creative. Putting yourself in that life-or-death scenario on a daily basis will force someone to perform at their highest levels, it’s what sports psychologists help athletes deal with to get their minds just as primed as their bodies for game time.

And if you want to talk about lifestyles that are life-or-death, look no further than being a member of a drug cartel. They’ve gotten so creative at trafficking drugs that they’re getting legitimate, old-school engineering involved in their business.

What kind of old-school engineering you ask?

Mother-flippin’ catapults.


Local Channel 4 news station KVOA reported that southern Arizona border Patrol officers noticed the strange device attached to the US-Mexico border fence.

The Border Protection News release regarding the strange find revealed that the catapult was being used to shoot drug packages over the border wall and into the United States.

After discovering the catapult, officers patrolled the opposite side of the fence and lo and behold 47lbs of marijuana was discovered on the other side.


US Border Patrol dismantled the device, while Mexican authorities took it away for inspection. The marijuana though went to the US, where I’m sure it’s sitting in an evidence locker, somewhere. Well, at least the 47lbs the agents reported, anyway. (h/t kvoa)

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