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Unhelpful Kid DGAF About Helping A Weather Man With Fireworks

Wow, OK then.

The unpredictability of children is what makes live TV amazing.

And this kid’s quick reaction to being asked a simple question about fireworks on the local news will make you say, “Well, that escalated quickly,” but we couldn’t respect his answer more. The sass emanating from this child is so unprecedented that it completely stops this reporter in his track, and probably makes him question his entire career as a “Weather Boy.”

If you want to know what fireworks are the best to buy ahead of Fourth of July, you won’t find it out from this unhelpful kid. But you will gain a new appreciation for the precociousness of sassy children everywhere.

UPDATE: June 29, 2017, 1:32 p.m. EDT We have since learned that nothing is good in the world and this snarky kid was staged. He is apparently that reporter’s son, as discovered by one Twitter sleuth.

Ted Pretty, chief meteorologist at FOX5VEGAS responded:

This is a picture of them together:

Time to weep over the loss of this fake internet gold.

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