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Troublemaking Ducks Picked Up By Cops For Loitering Around Gas Station

“Ducks in custody? Officer Sheehan took four ducks in custody after they were loitering at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford.” That’s how the Great Bend Police Department described the actions of their officer’s “arrest” of four ducks that had escaped from home on the Fourth of July and made their way to the gas station in Pennsylvania.

Great Bend Police Department

Officer Sheehan responded to the call after workers at the gas station noticed the ducks hanging around back of the store. Suspecting something was afoul, they contacted police. Fortunately, neighbors in the area knew where the ducks belonged so the police were able to quickly track down their owner and give her a call.

Not wanting the ducks to escape, Sheehan then loaded them up in his police vehicle so they couldn’t get into any more mischief.

Great Bend Police Department

Cindy Osiecki, the ducks’ owner, said the call was quite unexpected. “I thought it was funny, I’m like ‘are you serious?’ There were like ‘yeah we took them’ because I guess people were trying to take my ducks, and everyone was feeding them, even the cop fed them bread.”

Great Bend Police Department

The ducks are now home safe now with Osiecki and her family, less than a mile away from the Pump and Pantry.

Osiecki’s daughter, Savannah, is pretty happy their ducks are famous and told WNEP TV, “Our ducks are famous and they’re cool and they’re awesome.”

Osiecki said, “I was just so thankful they found my ducks and they took them in to be safe.”

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