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Torrential Rains Cause Massive Fast-Moving Flood, Then Bystanders Spot A Woman In The Mud

This footage was captured in Peru after torrential rains, and it is some of the most dramatic footage we’ve come across in quite some time. The rains caused dangerous and fast-moving flash floods that absolutely devastated the area.

The storms have passed, but now the locals are standing on the bank of the river watching the raging waters tear through. The water is muddy, brown and full of debris from the buildings the flash flood tore through.

The crowd of people just stands, looking at the raging river — helpless against the powerful water.

Source: YouTube

As the waters keep coming, with no signs of slowing down, it seems to be collecting more and more pieces of wood and pallets.

The camera keeps rolling as a living creature comes flowing down the flooded river, covered in mud, making it camouflaged in the dangerous water.

A giant bull comes drifting down, scared and defenseless, the man filming can do nothing to help.

Source: YouTube

More and more pieces of wood and other debris keeps collecting at the mouth of a tunnel from an overpass. The exhausted cow remains in the view of the camera — it is evident that the poor animal is almost out of its inner fight.

Due to the debris accumulation, this side of the overpass was quickly becoming more debris than water. It was basically creating a dam.

Just mere moments later, a huge metal trailer comes down the raging river and becomes stuck underneath the overpass.

Source: YouTube

The trailer was far too large to pass underneath and became wedged — the pressure from the flowing water kept the trailer blocking the path under the overpass. More and more debris was collecting.

At this point, people are becoming worried because the water is backing up and will cause yet another flood. You can hear their voices of concern. Soon though, they had something much more pressing to worry about.

A woman was spotted in the midst of the dangerous debris — she was exhausted and covered in mud.

Source: YouTube

People immediately ran to the edge of the river to try and help, but she couldn’t help but be churned in the water. The camera loses sight of her for just a moment.

You can feel the tension through the screen.

It was a nail-biting moment but thank goodness there is a happy ending — it was all caught on camera.

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