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Tom Hanks Just Gave A Fan The Best Christmas Present Ever

Tom Hanks, loved Oscar-winner and wedding photoshoot crasher, just solidified his place in our hearts as the greatest celebrity of all time.

Redditor yomifrackle‘s friend recently sent Tom Hanks some fan mail on a whim — and got a very quick response. But the actor didn’t simply send an autograph or a form letter… he’s too good for that.

Hanks responded to her request in the most Tom Hanks way possible — with a photo and a personalized note typed on ‘Hanx’ stationary.


He apologized for not sending the requested headshot, but hoped the selfie with her own photo would suffice, as his headshot was “not all that current.” He gushed about her hometown of Toronto and shared his favorite songs from That Thing You Do!, a film he wrote and directed back 1996.

You can read the note in its entirety below:

He even concluded with an Oakland Raiders-inspired farewell: “Throw deep, always.”

Tom, never change.

h/t Distractify


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