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This Woman’s Facebook Post Shows Why Clothing Sizes Don’t Matter At All

As we’ve learned before, women’s clothing sizes make absolutely no sense at all. While men have to deal with small, medium, or large, women have to deal with a vast amount of measurements that differ from store to store.

Lucy Horsley, from Driffield in the United Kingdom, decided to illustrate this problem with two different pairs of jeans from two different stores. The problem? The blue pair are a size 18, and the black pair are a size 14.


Horsley explains:

“So the black jeans are a size 14 from new look and the blue ones are a size 18 from river island. How on earth can the bigger size be smaller?! No wonder so many girls have confidence issues and hate buying new clothes, why can’t the sizing be the same in every shop??”

Horsley went on to clarify that they’re both the same design of jeans.

“As this seems to be causing arguments, both of these jeans are high waisted, super skinny and super stretchy with the exact same fastening.”

The Facebook post has been shared some 18,000 times since it was posted over the weekend. And most people seem to agree that this makes no sense at all.

“I have given up on shopping and no longer find it a pleasurable experience because of this exact issue,” one commenter wrote. “Shame on you retailers!”

Another added: “Just rubbish sizing… I’ve picked up cloths in shops and even the same item is different sizes.”

Horsley told the Daily Mail that she discovered the disparity when she couldn’t fit into her regular size 14 in any of the high street shops she visited.

“I accidentally ripped my jeans one day and my mum repaired them. They kept on splitting due to wearing them so much and after my mum refused to repair them anymore, I went out to buy some new ones.”

“I tried a size 14 on in them all and I couldn’t get any of them past my bum cheeks.”

“So I got the bigger sizes but still none were comfy enough. I realized it wasn’t me and it was the clothing itself. I was so shocked by the difference, it’s disgraceful. From being a girl who has always fluctuated with weight, it really hurt me. I felt embarrassed buying size 18 jeans.”

“I know people say it doesn’t matter what it says on the label, but to a lot of women it does and I feel I can speak on behalf of the majority of women that sizing does matter and has a huge influence on your confidence and self esteem.”

This makes no sense.

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