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This Restaurant Is Helping Women Feel Safe With This Secret Drink Order

First dates are scary. You know nothing about the person and you’re constantly worrying about how your personality is going to come off to the other.

And as terrifying and nerve-wracking as it is for men, I can only imagine that this terror is exponentially greater for women. Because if you look at it, the greatest threat to women, really, are men. I’m not saying all men, but there are still a staggering number of domestic abuse cases in the US, with the overwhelming majority of perpetrators being, you guessed it, men.

But Louie CK can explain what I’m trying to say better than I ever could.

So this restaurant in Florida has decided to help women feel safe and get out of potentially dangerous situations.


So if you’re a girl visiting the Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, you’ll notice a framed sign in the women’s restroom that encourages people who need assistance to order an angel shot from the bar. A member of the staff will escort the woman to her car to avoid any unpleasant scenarios.

Ordering the “Angel Shot” with ice means you’d like for the bartender to call an Uber or taxi. If you order the shot with lime it means you need the police.


Other bars have similar policies that help to keep women safe, like this one fine establishment that instructs women to “ask for Angela” should they need assistance. Hopefully, this trend will catch on. (h/t wesh)

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