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This KFC’s Giving Away Fried Chicken Bouquets To 20 Couples For Valentine’s Day

I'd much rather have this than flowers.

Valentine’s Day seems kind of silly. Do we really need an entire day dedicated to loving our significant others and showering them with romance?

Staples like flowers and chocolates and fancy dinner reservations are so played out, why would someone go through all of the trouble of dropping a bunch of cash and time to celebrate their unique love by doing the exact same thing every other couple around the world is doing?

Why not switch things up a bit? Like instead of getting the love of your life a dozen roses, why not a dozen pieces of fried chicken?

KFC thinks it’s a good idea, that’s why they’re releasing fried chicken bouquets just in time for Valentine’s Day.

That’s right, instead of useless red roses that’ll just attract bugs and wither away and die, hook that special someone in your life up with popcorn chicken, crispy strips, or original recipe drumsticks.

It’s currently being offered by a New Zealand KFC that’s giving away the special bouquets to 20 lucky lovers – and people clearly want them.


Unconventional food bouquets seem to be a trend, like last year when Doritos made a delicious Valentine’s Day gift, which isn’t as awesome as some fried chicken but still admittedly pretty awesome.

If you’re not in New Zealand fret not: no one says you can’t get some fried chicken of your own and wrap it up in bouquet for your loved one yourself. You’re welcome.

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