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This Is The World’s Tallest And Longest Glass-Bottomed Bridge. Would You Walk Across It?

If you’re afraid of heights — this video might give you the chills. Tourists everywhere are flocking to Zhangjiajie, China to visit the world’s tallest and longest glass-bottomed bridge and it is absolutely mind-blowing.

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is located in the Hunan Province in China and it has shattered records across the globe. Adding to the list of China’s many world’s records — they now have an impressive bridge to add to that long and ever-growing list.

Get ready for some shocking statistics — would you be brave enough to cross it?

The beautiful piece of incredible human engineering is officially the world’s longest and the world’s tallest glass-bottomed bridge.

Source: BarcroftTV
Source: BarcroftTV

The bridge is 430 meters (approx. 1,140 feet) long and 300 meters (approx. 984 feet) above ground. Certainly not an excursion for the light-hearted, although, as you can imagine — the view is absolutely incredible.

The bridge was designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan and for 138 yuan, or approximately $20 USD, you can visit this engineering marvel. It’s certainly an experience that you would never forget. This is quickly becoming a bucket-list item for many.

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge connects two mountain cliffs known as the Avatar Mountains.

Source: BarcroftTV

At first glance, for many people, the first question is: “is it safe?” The engineers who built the bridge couldn’t be more confident in the glass-bottomed bridge’s safety. It was built with safety at the forefront.

The bridge is supported by 4 giant pillars on the walls of the canyon, has 99 panels and each panel is made of 3 layers of heavy duty glass. This ensures that if one layer were to crack, the rest of the glass would still hold. Reassuring, right?

The bridge can hold up to 800 people at a time.

Source: BarcroftTV

There have even been demonstrations to show the strength of the bridge — including hitting it with a giant sledgehammer. Although, understandably — for some people, that still isn’t enough to curb their fears.

Before opening in August of 2016, it was estimated that the bridge would receive 8,000 visitors a day. However, it was exceeded far beyond they expected with 80,000 visitors a day. The bridge has since been closed to improve and update the attraction. Re-opening date is TBD.

Would you have the guts to cross this record-breaking glass-bottomed bridge? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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