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This Girl’s Best Friend Put On A Terrible Disguise To Keep Tabs On Her During A First Date

Good friends aren’t easy to find. I’m not talking about the people who just want to tag along with you while you get drunk and then bum money for a cab ride back home. Nor am I talking about the “friends” who always seem to be chummy with you two weeks before they move and then casually bring up in conversation how stressed they are about moving all of their stuff to their new place and make no effort to hang out with you after everything’s been transported.

I’m talking about the real ride or die friends who will go out of their way to make sure that you’re happy.

Even if they’re totally weird about it.

Like this girl’s best friend who crept on her date, incognito, to make sure everything went well.

She offered her friend some useful advice.
And wore a pretty convincing disguise.
So slick.

If you’re asking yourself why this sounds like something straight out of a sitcom, it might have to do something with the fact that Dawsyn is an actress. And as a fellow crazy artist who hangs around other crazy artists, I can confirm that I did the same exact thing once to monitor a surprise birthday scavenger hunt for a friend of mine.

Twitter was obviously in love with a such a creative and devoted friend.

While others found similarities.

Others provided their own helpful words of advice.

If there’s no friend like this in your group of cronies I urge you to take on the responsibility of being this friend.

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