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This Dog’s Life Was Saved Thanks To A Tip On Reddit

I have a tiny, sweet, five-pound dog. There is not a doubt in my mind that if she was ever in a fight, she would lose. That is a very scary thought for a dog owner.

TheVantasy‘s recently had to go through a similar experience. Their 2 1/2 year old British Timber Dog was attacked by a pit bull outside their apartment complex.

Kenai was attacked by two pit bulls that belong to somebody in my apartment complex. One of them was off leash and didn’t even have a collar on. We live in LA, where there’s a city-wide leash law. We were on our morning walk and rounded a corner, where we ran into the other dogs. The owner said it was okay, but I tried to turn around anyway. Don’t let Kenai’s wolfy looks fool you; has no wolf content and is 90 pounds of scaredy cat. So when the pits came for him, he tried to run. I let his leash go so he could run away, but one of the pits got hold of Kenai.

Thanks to some quick thinking TheVantasy remembered a tip that was posted on Reddit.

The one pit bull on the leash had gotten away from his owner. The owner managed to get hold of the leash and pull him off Kenai, but he was making things worse by screaming and freaking out. The leashed dog got away and was recaught a couple times, while the second off-leash dog never let up. The owner was doing everything the LPT post says not to do, so I went after the second off-leash dog myself. I grabbed him by his hind legs and yanked backward like the LPT post described. I “wheelbarrow” walked him backwards off Kenai, and from that awkward angle, he wasn’t able to get around to bite me. Kenai ran off to a safe distance and waited for me to catch up. The owner (who was…on the ground for some reason?) got up and grabbed the dog from me by the scruff. He had a terrible hold on both dogs but Kenai was waiting for me and bleeding, so I went to grab him. I yelled back to make sure the other guy wasn’t hurt, and when he said he was okay, Kenai and I GTFO’d.

According to the original post by abootypatooty, it sounded like TheVantasy did everything correctly.

5. DO Grab your dog by his hind legs, near the thighs, and lift his legs into the air like hes a wheelbarrow. If you can, instruct the other dogs owner to do the same with their dog. This puts you in complete control of your dog, while staying far away from their teeth. They will be unable to turn around to bite you in this position, & physically unable to lunge at the other dog without falling on their face.

6. Still grabbing his hind legs, start quickly backing up in a zig zag motion. If they’re latched on biting each other, this will force him to break off. With all of his weight balanced on his front paws, and you backing up, he really cannot do anything except focus on balancing. Without the use of his back legs, he will soon realize you are in complete control, and submit to your movements.

As for Kenai, he is doing just fine.

After a trip to the vet and a $400 bill, Kenai has been treated and sent home with a Cone of Shame. Kenai has really thick fur on his neck, which saved the day here because the pits were mostly getting mouthfuls of fur instead of skin.



Needles to say, the people of the internet where extremely grateful to hear this real world advice.

Your dog is beautiful. Glad he’s okay! And I definitely went and read the original post. Thanks for that! I have a Border Collie I prefer stay safe and alive if this ever happens to her.


Glad you were there! I went and read the post, never knew it existed. Some sound advice there. Thanks for posting.


Something very similar happens to my grandma’s dog at her church a few months back. I wish I had known about these tips at the time.


And of course, everyone is wishing Kenai a healthy and speedy recovery.

90 pounds of cute af. Hope your pup heals soon!


You are wonderful and brave and such a good dog owner. I hope your beautiful doggo feels better soon.


Kenai is so adorable! Glad you guys are okay!!


The lesson here (Beside how to break up a dog fight) is to read everything on the internet. Could save this little guy’s life.



h/t Distractify


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