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This Cactus Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Someone Who’s Hitting On Your Wife

Imagine getting this delivered to your door.

When you’re shopping for plants for Valentine’s Day, the first one that pops up into your head are probably roses or some other type of pretty flower.

But what plant do you gift someone you’re trying to send a clear message to on Valentine’s Day that isn’t about love?

I mean, yeah, why would you buy someone a gift on Valentine’s Day if you don’t love or care about them in some capacity, right? And you certainly wouldn’t buy someone you hate a gift on such a special day, right?

Unless that gift is a cactus with a very simple and clear message printed on a note card that this Redditor shared.


The poster says that his wife is a florist and she sent him this photo and said “it was the saddest Valentine’s day order” she ever took.

I would slightly disagree and say it’s the most aggressive, depending on the circumstances behind the prickly gift, however.

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