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This Bus Driver Broke Protocol To Bring Two Stray Dogs On Board During A Massive Thunderstorm

Getting caught in a thunderstorm without cover sucks, but most of us can dive into the taxi, store, or anywhere else that would provide refuge from the rain with relative ease.

The same isn’t true for stray animals that also live in the city. Some shelter options exist, like unoccupied cardboard boxes that still hold shape and underneath dumpster lids, but when it’s a torrential downpour nothing outside can protect them from getting wet.

In Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, a thunderstorm of that caliber hit, and when a bus driver saw two dogs shivering in fear and with no owner in sight, he stopped the bus, opened the door, and carried both of them in.

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Animals aren’t allowed on buses in Buenos Aires, and it was only a matter of time until the driver’s employer would see the picture that was being shared by residents of the city and beyond.

Once management did catch wind of what was done, they released a statement to commend the unidentified driver, saying that they are very strict about their ‘no animals’ policy, but they support what the driver did after taking the circumstances into consideration.

Several commuters during the storm snapped pictures and shared them to their own accounts, noting that the dogs didn’t have tags, and seeing if anyone was interested in taking them in.

While we don’t know the fate of the two pups in the picture, (they were most likely released once the storm died down) we’d like to think that they’ve become responsible commuters that regularly take the bus to get around the city and pay their fares in tail wags and pets.

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