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These Are The Most Dangerous States For Online Dating

As everyone’s least favorite holiday (Valentine’s Day — as if you needed any clarification) rolls around the corner, we inevitably reflect on our perpetual singledom and revisit the annually-rejected possibility of online dating.

Tinder is various dating apps are more popular than ever, you think, why not give it a try?

…Well not to crush your dreams and new year’s resolutions to “put yourself out there,” but you should be aware of some statistics.

Thanks to this new report from home security review site Safewise, you can find out just how dangerous your state is when it comes to finding love.

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To create this handy map (which will probably put you off any kind of blind dating forever) they took a look at FBI-reported cybercrime and violent crime rates and CDC-reported rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia (the two most common STIs in the United States).

So, bad news for those of us living in the nation’s capital — Washington, D.C. tops the list of the most dangerous states for online dating. DC is followed by Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, and South Carolina.

If you’re living the quiet life up in the mountains of New England, you’re in luck: the safest states in terms of crime rates and STIs are Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. There’s also good news for people living the quiet life in the mountains of the west; Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming also experience low crime rates and STI rates.

…Brb moving to the mountains forever to find love.

Authors of the study found that rates of STIs and violent crime are strongly correlated.

This link, in fact, has been observed by researchers previously. Some attribute the correlation to areas’ young populations, crowded urban centers, and minimal or incomplete sex education.

So, you don’t have to scrub any trace of yourself from the Internet or dating apps if you live in some of the more ‘dangerous’ states. Just, uh, remember those afterschool specials about “staying safe.”

And enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Alone. With a bottle of wine. It’s SAFER that way. (h/t cosmopolitan)

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