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The Tinder Couple Who Spoke for 3 Years Without Meeting FINALLY Met – On Live TV

A few weeks ago, a story went viral online about these two college students that had been talking on Tinder with each other for about three years – but, had never met in person. The two had gone to Kent University and matched in 2014, but, they had never officially met in real life. However, their ongoing Tinder conversation never seemed to die out and they kept their “joke” going for all this time.

After the messages had gone viral – Tinder got involved and offered the two a *FREE* vacation to get them to finally meet, face-to-face. They gave the two 24-hours to decide the city they wanted to have their “first date in,” and would “send them there.”

The two decided, ultimately, the perfect first date would be in Hawaii – because, of course it would be.

And, Tinder said – you got it.

But, before they officially packed their bags and got on the airplane – the two met on the stage of Good Morning America – on LIVE TELEVISION…talk about awkward.

FULL CLIP: Michelle and Josh met on Tinder 3 YEARS ago, talking every few months joking with one another – this morning they meet face to face for the first time LIVE:

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Josh said that he was nervous and “my butterflies had butterflies,” in regards to meeting Michelle for the very first time. But, I’m sure they’ll get to know each other now that they’re going to Hawaii together. Can you imagine a more romantic first date? Or…awkward (what if they don’t hit it off?!?)

According to Michelle –

“We waited three years to send each other 10 messages so I think we need more than 30 minutes to be able to answer that question effectively. But I dunno, I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks.”

These are probably two of the most patient people I’ve ever seen – so, I’m sure taking it slow is no big deal.

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