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The History Of ‘Mario Kart 64’ World Records, Glitches And All

Mario Kart 64 is an interesting game to speedrun considering the game is already about trying to get through each course as quickly as possible. But Mario Kart 64 has a number of glitches and exploits that make it one of the most technical and interesting games to speedrun in the entire series, as YouTuber Summoning Salt explains in his look back through its history.

The game has been out for over 20 years but the speedrunning community is still whittling down its world record time thanks to newly discovered glitches and seemingly limitless room for route optimizations. Summoning Salt goes through some of the big names in the community and how the run evolved from individual track times to beating the game — every cup and course — in one straight shot.

The current world record of Mario Kart 64 with skips is held by Abney317 at 25 minutes and 49 seconds, down nearly five minutes from Dotman1337’s record in 2013. The video above shows how it got there.

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