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She is Samantha Jo: the Amazonian Warrior Euboea in DC’s Smash Hit ‘Wonder Woman’

She’s come a long way from being a stunt woman for years!

Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot-Varsano was catapulted into fame with her portrayal of Diana, princess of the Amazons, later becoming Wonder Woman. However, another actress in the hit movie is getting the same attention from fans too! Meet Samantha Jo, the Amazonian Warrior Euboea.

Samantha Jo is a Canadian martial artist and was a stuntwoman and a part of Canada’s national representation at international wushu tournaments in 2007-2008. She earlier played the Kryptonian warrior Car-Vex in 2013’s “Man of Steel”. This November, the Chinese Canadian stunner will be reprising her Amazonian role in the upcoming highly anticipated “Justice League” film.

In the past years, the Chinese-Canadian actress worked as a stuntwoman alongside male co-workers. It was also revealed that she also grew up with older male brothers. According to Samantha, this upbringing and training with men made it easier for her to film Wonder Woman.

“You just have those special moments with other women,” she explained.

“The training really was tough, so to have people that you trust and care about you and are emotional just like you are really made the journey so much more worth it.”

As for playing the warrior Euboea, she noted that it felt like playing an “amplified version of her childhood self.”

“I was wearing the armor, I had the weapon in my hand, and I felt almost more like myself than in the everyday world.”

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