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School Defends Decision To Allow Serial Killer To Volunteer With Kids

If you have never heard of Karla Homolka, consider yourself lucky. She is a convicted teen killer from Canada who, along with then-husband Paul Bernardo, raped and killed three teenage girls. One of her victims was Homolka’s own sister.

In 1993, Bernardo and Homolka were arrested for their crimes, but Homolka took a plea bargain claiming she had been abused by Bernardo herself and was an unwilling accomplice. Because of this, she only got 12 years in prison for manslaughter while Paul Bernardo is serving a full life sentence.

Later, videotapes of Bernardo and Homolka’s crimes surfaced and it was apparent that she had an extremely active role in the crimes. Her plea bargain has since been dubbed the “Deal with the Devil.”

School Defends Decision To Allow Serial Killer To Volunteer With Kids
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In 2005, Karla Homolka was released from prison and moved to Quebec, Canada. She re-married and give birth to a baby boy. In 2007 it was reported that she had changed her name to Leanne Teale.

Since then, she has had two more children and is now living in Montreal, Quebec. When residents found out she was in their neighborhood, there were calls for police action though really there was nothing to be done. She is not a registered sex offender so there is no need to notify the public.

Homolka had kept a low profile since 2016, when it was announced she was living in Montreal, but now she’s making headlines again and this time parents want answers.

School Defends Decision To Allow Serial Killer To Volunteer With Kids
CTV News

Parents at Greaves Adventist Academy, a private Christian school, found out that Homolka’s kids not only attend their school, but she also volunteers with the students.

“When I first read the paper, I thought it was a hoax,” Andy Maraj, whose daughter attends Grade 3 with one of Homolka’s children, said.

Maraj is upset that Homolka was allowed interaction with the students at all, claiming the school should have done more.

“That’s not even supposed to happen, because once you have a (criminal) record, you’re not supposed to be in the school,” he said. “They could have asked her to stay in the car, and have someone escort her kids into the school, and not to bring her dog. And it’s not her fault, it’s (the school’s) fault. It’s really terrible that they would allow this.”

Continue reading to see what the school’s response to this was. It’s certainly got most parents up in arms!


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