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Robot Security Guard Kills Itself In A Shopping Center Pond

Working as a security guard does come with a fair share of stress, and while some are trained to deal with it, others are not so well equipped. That was the situation with this K5 robot, which ended a really bad day at the bottom of a shopping mall pond.

The company behind these robots, Knightscope, says their robot is better than the real guard because it “never gets bored of what it does,” and after the recent incident, the internet is having a blast raising doubts about this claim. A worker, trying to fish out the poor fella, even said: “We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots.”

Company’s VP of marketing and sales, Stacy Dean Stephens, told Cnet it was an “isolated incident” and the investigation is under way.

More info: knightscope (h/t: unilad)

K5 security guard robot on a good day

K5 robot on a bad day…

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