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Police Raid Veterinarian’s Apartment And Makes A Grisly Discovery Under The Floor

Most veterinarians get into the profession to help animals because they have a passion and a deep love for animals that pulls them to becoming a veterinarian. I know several veterinarians who have more than their fair share of animals living at their house! But, not all veterinarians are that honest and dedicated.

Everybody wants to believe that, whenever we enlist in the services of a medical professional, they will work and behave in an ethical manner. We expect our doctors to treat us with kindness and respect the same way that we would for anyone with an important degree who’s receiving our hard-earned money.

It works the same way when we take our pets to the veterinarian: we expect that our furry friends will be treated with the utmost care. Unfortunately, just because we should be able to trust our vets, it doesn’t mean that we can.

One vet in Leeds, England, was exposed for a horrifying scam he was leading with his partner and business assistant. When officers responded to a domestic dispute call at their office, they were not ready for what they found…

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Gary Samuel, a veterinarian from Leeds, England, was living a double life. By day he was a vet, but during his free time (and at the clinic, he was working at), he was neglecting animals! The police were called to the clinic to help solve a dispute. When they pulled back the rug, there was a trap door that led into a dark, dank basement area.

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It was there that officers discovered 22 dogs and eight cats who were covered in urine and feces and who had been starved for an unknown length of time. These were the “pets” that the veterinarian’s assistant and partner, Rochelle McEwan, had allegedly been collecting. You can clearly see the condition of the animals in the video below…

Dr. Samuel tried to convince the police officers that the animals belonged to Dr. McEwan, not him. “She never feeds them, just collects them,” he said. The police officers carefully considered his statement, but they weren’t quite persuaded of his innocence.

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Dr. Samuel and Dr. McEwan were both charged with neglect, though they were only sentenced to a mere six months in jail for their crimes. Thankfully, the RSPCA reported that 21 of the poor animals in their “care” have already been adopted and re-homed with loving families.

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Absolutely nobody has the right to mistreat innocent animals this way. This is especially true when the perpetrators are veterinarians who are charged with protecting and caring for them on a professional level.

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It’s terrifying to think that these medical professionals would not only be so cruel as to abuse animals, but that they betrayed the trust that was given to them by their community. According to reports, the animals were “pets” that belonged to Rochelle McEwan and Samuel.

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It almost goes without saying, of course, that the vast majority of veterinarians and others in the veterinary field around the world are outstanding, intelligent, and trustworthy individuals.

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After all, not just anyone can become a vet. It takes a truly special individual to not only love animals that much, but to go through all those years of medical training learning about different creatures and dedicating their lives to the practice.


By all means, if you have a pet, it’s always a good idea to take them to the vet regularly. Like just about any other kind of doctor, you’ll need to do some research to see which veterinarian is right for your pet if they’re suffering from a specific issue. For the most part, though, they are all more than qualified!


It’s just a good thing that somebody put a stop to Dr. Samuel and Dr. McEwan’s animal abuse before it was too late. To see how you can help strengthen animal defense laws, visit the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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