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Peeps-Flavored Oreos Are Doing Weird Things To People’s Bodies

I’ve made my disappointment and disgust for the new Peeps flavored Oreos no secret. I don’t know who thought that sugar-coated marshmallows mashed between crunchy vanilla biscuits would be a good idea. But like all seasonal treats, there are plenty of people who love them; just not me.

And if you like Peeps, I respect your love for the marshmallow candies, but know that you’re wrong for liking them. (Kidding! Sort of.) Hear me out: they’re the wrong kind of sweet, and this is coming from a guy who once made peanut butter Cap N’ Crunch-coated Cinnamon Raisin French Toast with Strawberry Jelly and peanut butter. That munchie creation was pure sugar on a plate and I loved it. So my hating Peeps has nothing to do with not loving sweet stuff – it has to do with not loving gross stuff. (Again, this is all in my humble opinion.)

So with the latest news of people complaining about Peeps Oreos turning their tongues pink, my immediate reaction was: “Good.”

But after seeing the extent of the pinkness from the dye on these cookies, I’m slightly concerned.

Food Blogger, Junk Food Guy, gave a very stern warning about the severity of the dye effect from the Peeps Oreos.

Limited Edition Peeps Oreo! Found at: Target, Meijer, Walgreens, Winco, Jewel-Osco #thejunkfoodaisle

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 Dude, the creme turned my saliva bright pink! BRIGHT PINK! This is sort of horrifying – this is the type of food dye where an hour later, when I went to brush my teeth, IT TURNED MY TOOTHBRUSH PINK. What the heck. WHAT THE HECK.

Now, people are sharing their own Peeps Oreo dye-job horror stories.

And selfies of their traumatized tongues.

Don’t eat peeps flavored Oreos guys… #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink

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But their mouths aren’t the only thing turning pink. Peeps Oreos are reportedly making people poop pink too.

The food dye, FD&C Red Number 3, is a food dye approved by the FDA who says it’s safe for human consumption.

Kimberly Fontes, the senior communications manager of Mondelez International told BuzzFeed:

“Certain foods can temporarily color the tongue and inside of the mouth. This is common with brightly colored products such as ice pops, gelatins and drink mixes, as well as with certain fruits and vegetables, including beets and cranberries.”

So, apparently pooping unicorn colors can happen with foods that occur in nature, not just ones that are made on conveyor belts, pumped with preservatives, and stocked on retail stores across America. Good to know.

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