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Passive-Aggressive Neighbor Asks Girl To Curb Her ‘Smoking Habit’ In Front Of Their Children

Neighborhood gossip is something that has always existed. I’m pretty sure we were cavemen talking crap about Grog’s wife’s nails from the next cave over. For some reason human beings love to start rumors and talk smack about other people.

Maybe it’s because it helps us to delude ourselves from our own insecurities and failings as human beings? If we focus on what’s wrong with others, perhaps that’ll make us ultimately feel better about ourselves and delude us into thinking we’re doing everything right?

So it’s probably better for everyone involved to just mind their own business, right?

Something that these holier-than-thou neighbors probably wish they did when they called this girl out for “smoking cigars” around their children.

It turns out that her addiction to stogies was just an affinity for delicious taquitos.

Twitter was immediately put off by the neighbor’s passive aggressiveness.

And everyone pretty much agreed that it was the worst.

Others came up with ideas on how to respond to the nosy neighbor.


While others thought that the poster was in the wrong – because consuming taquitos is dangerous business.

Do you think it’s easy to mix up taquitos and cigars?



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