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Nobody Bought This Photographer’s Photos, So He Shared Them For Free – Mosul 2017

Battle of Mosul is still in full swing, and it’s been going long enough for the war zone photos to become a hard sell. So much, in fact, that Washington-based photographer Kainoa Little didn’t find anyone to sell his photos to. So instead, he shared them online for free, giving us a raw glimpse at the horrors Iraqi people have to face every day.

Kainoa has been documenting the Iraqi Federal Police efforts to liberate the city from ISIL militants since April 2017, and so far he’s managed to capture some incredibly intense scenes of fighting in the Old City, as well as the civilians who get caught in the middle of it. The photos tell stories of violence, sacrifice, and immense hardships, making us wish that these horrors would finally come to an end.

Parts of Mosul have already been taken back by the Iraqi forces, but the ancient city is still under ISIL control, which means that more fighting and chaos are still to come.

More info: Kainoa Little (h/t)

Federal Police fire at Islamic State positions at the end of the street in the Old City

Federal Police fire on Islamic State positions in west Mosul

A Federal Policeman in a ruined cinema

Federal Police prepare for battle in the Old City. This machine gunner is organizing his ammo

Federal Police enter a theater suspected of containing an explosive device as they try to take control of the block in the Old City

An Islamic State bullet punches through the wall near a Federal Policeman

Federal Police enter a theater in the Old City. Seconds later, an Islamic State gunman opened fire from the upper rafters

Federal Police in the theater

A soldier clears a building in Mosul’s Old City

A Federal Policeman takes fire from the other side of a theater. Several bullets impacted the other side of the wall near where he had been looking through a window

A Federal Policeman runs across exposed ground on the roof of the theater

Federal Police exchange fire with ISIS across the theater

Federal Police in the theater in the Old City

A cook prepares large amounts of rice for the soldiers

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