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Memes Don’t Just Look Good On The Internet, They Also Look Good On Your Eyelids

While some of us struggle to apply eyeliner in a way that won’t make it look like our eye is topped with the Rocky Mountains, others out there are busy making makeup masterpieces.

And by masterpieces, we mean memes.

Makeup artists are painting the internet memes we all know and use onto eyelids. Do memes actually make for flattering makeup? We aren’t sure, but we do know that the results are impressive as heck.

The trend was started by non-binary makeup artist Jenny, and it has since blossomed into something truly grand.

“If I remember correctly, my boyfriend and I were just hanging out and he mentioned a rash or something,” Jenny, also known as thai_brows on Twitter, told us, “and because I constantly have SpongeBob episodes cycling through my mind, it reminded me of Squidward’s painting Bold and Brash and I knew I had to draw it on my eye.”

The action unexpectedly started a movement.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the look to get so popular and I definitely wasn’t expecting a dozen people to do meme looks the next few days,” Jenny explained.

In case you are wondering, the founder of the trend would absolutely wear the meme look for a night out.

“If you’ve seen any of my other looks you would know that I really am that kind of person to show up to the club with a fictional squid painting on my eye. Hell yeah,” Jenny assured us.

We may be loving this trend now. But let’s all agree that the moment Ted Cruz appears on an eyelid, the trend needs to stop.

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