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Math Problem Asks Students To Calculate Which Family Member Sexually Assaulted Girl

I always liked word problems in math because they broke up the monotony of finding absolute limits and outliers, though their true purpose was to make learning how to use variables a cinch.

As time progressed, both publishers and professors got creative with their problems, occasionally showing us their true machine nature by disregarding the social aspect of their question.

An extreme example popped up in the homework of one Pennsylvania high school.

The one below it isn’t all that wholesome either. Keep in mind that this is a math class.

insane math problem

Several parents complained to the school, who said that the questions came from a website that allowed teachers to pull lesson plans, quizzes, homework, and other resources from around the world.

Pennridge School District said that the questions were not part of their “approved curriculum,” and apologized, noting that they’ve taken measures to prevent this in the future.

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