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Mark Hamill’s Tribute To Carrie Fisher Is Just Beautiful

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be part of a franchise with a group of people who essentially changed the world. I didn’t grow up watching Star Wars and I don’t even claim to be that big a fan of the series (even though I’ve watched them all, usually with friends or family), which just goes to show how much of a phenomenon the movies are.

But to be a part of the cast that made such a huge impact on the world must come with a certain understanding amongst the main actors in the Star Wars franchise. You know that you’re a part of something the few others can really understand.

So when Mark Hammil gave his tribute to his co-star and friend, Carrie Fisher, people took note.

If you were expecting something overly sweet and elegiac, then you obviously don’t know Mark Hamill.

The honest post from the actor really captured the “bad-assness” that Fisher became famous for over the past few years.

People applauded Hamill’s post and started sharing tributes of their own.

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Although at 60 Fisher’s death was untimely, she has reached more people than many of us ever will, which is little consolation to her friends and family, but at least it’s something.

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