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Man Spots Devastating Car Accident On Road, Immediately Pulls Over And Performs CPR On Victim

Keith B Ezell, a registered nurse, witnesses a devastating car accident on a busy road. As he pulls his car over to block the victim from traffic, he discovers that she is actually a pregnant mother in desperate need of CPR. Naturally inclined to assist others, this hero helps bring the mother and unborn child back to life.


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Keith was driving down the road on a day just like any other. He didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. But when he saw that someone was in danger, he was ready and willing to act! The woman was not even breathing as he began to look for a way to help her. Keith did not let that fact stop him. He knew the value of life, and he was committed to preserving it, even when it seemed that all hope was lost.

“Where’s the police?!” a traumatized bystander exclaimed as chances that the authorities would arrive at the scene in time became dismal. Keith did not wait until the paramedics arrived to take action. He knew what had to be done, and he let the rest of the world melt away as he fixated on his goal.

As Keith compressed the woman’s chest and blew life-giving breaths into her mouth, more bystanders began to crowd around him. Their shouts to each other about how to deal with the traffic and to the police when they appeared must have been immensely distracting to Keith, but he found a way to block out the chaos around him. He never stopped moving to save the expecting mother and unborn child.

Everyone around Keith was shocked at what he was doing. They did not expect him to risk his personal safety to come to the woman’s aid. After all, was kneeling down on the street itself with nothing but his own car between himself and the rest of the traffic. As the scene grew even more hectic, Keith did not let anything deter him from accomplishing his goal – he was determined to save a life.

In this video filmed by Keith’s mom, you will see a complete stranger risk his personal safety to save the life of an otherwise hopeless victim. For all you good Samaritans who sacrifice your time to help others, this video will pull on your heart strings as you witness a tragic victim being restored to life. Throughout this high-stress situation, Keith ignores the anxious crowd around him, and he remains calm and stays focused on helping a woman he doesn’t even know. He ultimately proves to be a crucial part of the superhuman feat of starting the mother’s heart again!

Many of us wonder what we would do in a life threatening situation. This video documents a real-life hero at work. It is truly a moment of bravery.

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