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Man Disappears In Brazil, Leaves Behind 14 Books Of Encrypted Hand-Written Text And A $2500 Statue

Brazilian psychology student Bruno Borges seemed fine when he left his family home to work on a ‘secretive project’ last Monday, but he hasn’t been seen since then. His concerned relatives managed to access his locked room, and what they found inside was both bizarre and disturbing.

The room was covered wall-to-wall with cryptic text and formulas, as well as several strange paintings. 14 books, reportedly written by Borges, contained an indecipherable script. Watching over it all was a tall statue of Giordano Bruno, a 16th-century Italian philosopher who was one of the first to predict the presence of extraterrestrial life, estimated to be worth around $2500 USD.

A video tour of Borges’ room, possibly taken by a police officer, has leaked to YouTube. See it for yourself below, and share your wildest theory with us in the comments.

Image credits: razorhax0r

Image credits: razorhax0r

Image credits: razorhax0r

Image credits: razorhax0r

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