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Male Sexual Assault Survivors Are Posting Their Moving Stories To Raise Awareness

When it comes to sexual assault, men are an underrepresented demographic. There’s this belief that men can’t “really” be victims of sexual assault somehow. Although it’s true that the vast majority of rapes and sexual assaults are overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against women, that shouldn’t mitigate or diminish the experiences of men who’ve been attacked in any way, shape, or form.

Grace Brown, a New York photography student started ‘Project Unbreakable‘ back in 2011 to give sexual assault victims a voice to raise awareness. People have stepped forward and voluntarily had their photos taken and shared on Brown’s Tumblr page, holding up white boards describing their traumatic experiences.

And it turns out that a lot of men have used the medium to inform the world that sexual abuse against men is a very real and very serious problem.



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