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Long Distance Couples Got ‘Creative’ With These Robotic Gloves That Let Them Hold Each Other’s Hands

At first they were developed for holding hands…

The trouble with being in a long-distance relationship is that the separation between you and your loved one can hurt so good. Phone sex, while pretty awesome, can get kind of boring after a while. Because let’s be honest: all you really want to do is have some physical contact with your loved one. But you can’t, on account of the whole long distance thing.

If only there was a way you could magically feel and touch each other whenever you got the urge to, even when you’re miles apart…

Well, now you can…sort of.

The “Flex-N-Feel” robotic gloves can simulate the touch of your loved one.

Carman Neustaedter, Associate Professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University says that the gloves are capable of a wide variety of functions.

“You can simulate hand holding, touching one’s face as a gentle caress, or even a light massage,” he said in an interview with Broadly.

There are two gloves: a dominant glove – the flex, is responsible for sending sensations. The other, “feel” glove, receives them.


So one person wears the dominant glove and performs any movement or motion that they like and the tiny vibrators in the feel glove are activated to simulate those motions.

Neustaedter says that he and his team “expected simple touches, like hand holding, but couples have expanded on that to be even more playful…”


“It was designed to be very flexible, so couples could use the gloves in whatever way made sense for their relationship. You can place the feeling glove on any part of your body. So if couples wanted to use the gloves in a sexual way, you certainly could, though this wasn’t the focus of our design efforts.”

There’s also a built-in “consent” button on the feel glove. If the dominant glove wants to initiate contact, they send a signal that the receiver must accept.

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If they’re not interested, they can ignore the connection request and just put the glove aside.

Neustaedter and his team have created other products that could potentially work with the Flex-N-Feel gloves that could bridge the gap between people in long distance relationships. VR Headsets that allow for 360-degree views of your partner’s surroundings and being able to look directly into your partner’s eyes are in development.

It’s the wave of the future. (h/t broadly)

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