Two American Swimmers Were Just Pulled Off A Plane In Brazil; Did Ryan Lochte And His Team Mates Lie About Being Robbed At Gun Point?

Brazilian authorities have detained the swimmers saying that their story does not line up with CCTV evidence

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    A few days ago reports surfaced that star swimmer Ryan Lochte had been robbed at gun point whilst at a party in Rio. Initially the IOC denied the claims, but then Lochte came forward and confirmed that he had in fact been robbed at gun point

    Lochte at a press conference earlier this week

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    Since then, Brazilian Olympic authorities have investigated the incident and are claiming that Lochte's version of events doesn't line up with CCTV evidence that they've found

    Snap chats taken from the evening in question

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    The plot continues to thicken today, as two of Lochte's teammates have been pulled of a plane bound for home so that the authorities can interview them with regards to the incident

    Jack Connor and Gunnar Bentz leaving the airport

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    Brazilian authorities claim that the swimmers have conflicting versions of events, but a lawyer for Lochte brushed off these claims, stating that the swimmers stories are "95% consistent"

    Connor and Bentz didn't answer questions at the airport

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    Ryan Lochte has yet to release a statement, and rumors swirl that he's already left Brazil. What's clear is that we still don't know exactly happened that night, if Lochte and his friends were drunk or had possibly ingested other substances that have caused their accounts to differ. The question YOU think he's lying? And if so, why? What could Ryan Lochte and his teammates be hiding? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to share this with your friends!

    Why would Ryan Lochte lie?

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