Halloween Makeup Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Own Costume

Here’s why you should watch and follow a makeup tutorial step-by-step. Because you never know when you’re going to end up so completely off track. We all love a great makeup look on Halloween– but, seriously, ladies, you don’t want to look too scary. Here’s a bunch of Halloween makeup fails to make you feel better about your own costume.

  1. 1

    Blue Zombie

    One girl looks fresh and hot while sporting her Halloween makeup and the other…well, we don’t think those eyes could get any bigger.

  2. 2

    Creepy 3-Eyed Girl

    If you’re going for the 3-eyes look, you’ll need to actually make that third eye visible.

  3. 3

    Comic Book Girl

    If you pull this look off, you actually look like an awesome comic book character. If you don’t, you look more like you’ve got a whole bunch of chicken pox.

  4. 4

    Flawless Skeleton Girl

    This girl is every bit hot and creepy at the same time. But, the next girl– she looks like a big ole’ mess.

  5. 5

    Card Game Girl

    Her eyes and cheeks are very much on fire. But girl number two? She looks like she lost a bet with a tattoo artist.

  6. 6

    Sexy Skeleton Girl

    We’re in awe of this girl’s amazing look, complete with a wig and colors. Girl number two needs a little bit more help finishing out her look, doesn’t she?

  7. 7

    Kim K

    This guy can transform himself into anyone– even Kim Kardashian. But, the girl who tries to follow suit– well, not so much.

  8. 8

    Sexy Vampire

    The girl on the top pulls off the hottest vampire look we’ve ever seen…while the next girl looks like she needs a tooth pulled quick.

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  10. 9

    Mischievous Cheshire Cat

    This girl perfectly pulls off the Cheshire cat look…while the next girl looks like she got a botched round of Botox.

  11. 10

    The Creepy Witch Look

    Our top girl is rocking a posh witch look…while girl #2 looks like she belongs in Wicked the Musical.

  12. 11

    Female Joker Look

    The girl on top is a sleek and sly Joker…but the girl on the bottom looks like she partied just a little bit too long and woke up the next morning that way.

  13. 12

    Cute Emoji Look

    The top girl is absolutely nailing the heart eyes look…while we aren’t even sure what the girl on the bottom is going for.

  14. 13

    Awesome Queen of Hearts

    The girl at the top looks fierce as can be. We aren’t sure what happened on the bottom– looks more like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

  15. 14

    Awesome Frankenstein Woman

    The girl on top is flawless and awesome…and the girl on the bottom looks like she needs a little help making those scars look more real.

  16. 15

    Cool Green and Red Girl

    The girl on top is the best Poison Ivy look we’ve ever seen…but, on the bottom, it looks like she’s halfway done.

  17. 16

    Classy Cleopatra

    The girl on top is all cool cat Cleopatra…and we don’t even know what to say about the girl on the bottom. The eyebrows were a little bit too much.

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