6 Videos That Will Melt Your Brain More Powerfully Than Any Drug

Prepare to let your mind flow right out of your ears

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    Superman with a Go Pro

    It cannot be understated how fantastic this video is. It's astounding that it was made my a couple of guys using a drone, a green screen and a bucket load of editing skills. The roll that Superman does at 2:07 is honestly more mind-blowing that 90% of actual superhero movies that come out these days.

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    These simple, yet mind-blowing facts about photography

    'Before photography, no one knew what they looked like with their eyes closed'

  3. 3

    These damn legs

    The most mind-frying thing about this is that it's immediately clear HOW they're doing it, yet your stupid primate brain keeps constantly getting fooled by it.

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    Minecraft 'Acid Interstate'

    Even if you know nothing about Minecraft or even gaming, this video will provide you with some sweet trip vibes.

  6. 5

    Japanese synchronised walking is a thing that exists

    Imagine how many hours of practice it took to get this right.

  7. 6

    This fascinating video about 'The Overview Effect'

    In short: 'The Overview Effect' is something that is experienced by astronauts when they have spent time gazing back at the planet from space. Seeing the earth from such a high overview creates a greater sense of perspective. This fascinating little mini-documentary features interviews with astronauts who talk about the impact it has had on them.

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